Colored Balls Sunburst Metal Wall Clock

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Add a splash of color to your home or office with this Colored Ball Wall Clock. Featuring colorful wooden balls at the ends that serve as the hour markers. These modern wall clocks have an attractive sculptural shape and they are a refreshing alternative to the usual traditional timekeepers. The stunning Geometric design and high-quality build make this a jaw-dropping addition to your walls. Suitable to be placed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even in the office. 


Featured with the silent, non-ticking clock movement, the hands of the clock move quietly so there will be no ticking noise. This clock is battery-powered with a 1 AA battery and has a quartz-driven mechanism. A perfect choice for Christmas gift, children's day gift, bridal gift, anniversary gift, mother’s day gift, father’s day gift, birthday present, holiday gift, etc. Share this beautiful wall clock with your loved ones. Get one now and decorate your surrounding with this interesting and unique clock! 


  • Shape: Geometric
  • Material: Metal
  • Diameter: 15cm (5.9 Inch)
  • Width: 47cm (18.5 Inch)
  • Length: 47cm (18.5 Inch)
  • Weight: 2800g (6.17lbs)
  • Motivity Type: QUARTZ
  • Feature: Loudspeaker Mute
  • Applicable Placement: living room
  • Combination: Multi-piece set
  • Display Type: Needle

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