Vintage English Edition World Map Globe

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Get a new perspective on the world and enhance your understanding of our planet with this Vintage English Edition World Map Globe. This beautiful, Vintage world Globe makes a lovely addition to your home, office, playroom decoration, and classroom. It will help you understand the world’s ideas, continents, countries, nations, and cities. With a stand, you can easily place it on a table or a desk. The globe is held by mounted on a durable base.

This Globe has the most up-to-date detail, encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of science with their own hands and eyes. Children may be able to explore the continents they have or have not been, spot a place, and find out what’s on it, and what’s around it, they would be encouraged to read and recognize the fact of the earth geographically and historically. Through the use of this globe, teachers will be able to create exciting and stimulating lessons for their students. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: app.12x15cm/4.72x5.91 Inch
  • Main Color: Gold

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