3D LED Shark Night Lamp

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Unique Decoration Suitable for children's room, bedroom or office, Creatures and humans in nature should coexist peacefully. The sharks are delicate and natural, and the lines are smooth and vivid. The resin is used to save this moment

vividly Exquisite Shape The transparent elements produce a dramatic effect of three-dimensional and transparent, real and virtual

Environmentally Friendly Safe Gel material, will not turn yellow or black, and is non-toxic, and will not pollute the environment

Perfect Gift You can give it to your relatives, friends or partners, and they will think of you when they see this gift.You can even give it to your partner on Valentine's Day

Durable It can be reused and is not easily damaged even if dropped



  • Material: Resin

  • Features: 3D Shark and Diver 

  • Product Dimensions : 15"D x 15"W x 10"H

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