Crystal Flower Glass Figurine

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Our homes are very important to us and so we want them to look as beautiful and stylishly decorative as possible. This Crystal Flower Glass Figurine will certainly provide a stunning sense of charm and grace to your beloved home. Whether you have a collection of glass ornaments or are looking for an extra special one, this ornament is great for any decorative situation. It will add color and sparkle to any space. This Figurine is gorgeous and unique with 5 flower collectible. It is fashioned from crystal.

This crystal flower figurine is the perfect gift to express love. It also symbolizes faithful love and memories. This figurine brings fun and vitality when you put it in your bedroom and office, also great for wedding and bedroom decoration centerpiece. 


  • Material: K9 Crystal
  • Size: 11.5*10.5cm (4.5*4.1in)
  • Weight : 309gr (0.68lbs)
  • Package: gift box

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