Astronaut Star Projection Lamp

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The Astronaut Aurora Projection light can create the perfect mood for you, your child, or your guest. It also works as an excellent ambient light for movie night, date night, or game settings.

This nightlight might just be the perfect way to help you wind down at the end of a long day. It features 7 different inspiring nebulas, accompanied by little twinkling stars, to create a calming night time atmosphere in your room. This Astronaut Aurora Projection is an ideal gift to give to your family or friends. You don't need to know when special occasions are coming up with this cool gadget which you can enjoy all year. Most kids (and kids at heart) like exploring the depths of space, but it's uncommon for them to find time to do so. This cute astronaut lamp might be just what they need!  Who doesn't love falling asleep under the stars?

The remote control can be used to adjust the pattern, brightness, and rotation speed. For example, you could play just star patterns or just nebula patterns. Alternatively, you could turn them on simultaneously with different eLects like switching the speed and brightness of each design. You can also set the timer to 45 or 90 minutes. If you fall asleep under the starry sky, it will automatically turn off after that time has elapsed.


7 stunning nebula effects: The Astronaut Aurora Projection has 7 stunning nebula effects, accompanied by twinkling green stars;

Remote Controlled: This device can be controlled with a remote

control to adjust the pattern, brightness, and rotation speed, and customize the projection eLect you like;

Timer-Feature: You can set the timer to 45 or 90 minutes and it will automatically turn off after the elapsed time.

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