World Landmark Quartz Wall Clock

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Add some class to your room with this World Landmark Quartz Wall Clock that is both practical and stylish.​ It's a beautiful clock that not only offers the correct time but also dresses up the room. It adorns your home just like an old work of art. The Roman numerals and the modern design highlight its unique appearance and elegant artistic style. This wall clock is silent so you do not need to worry about the constant ticking of regular clocks when you need some peace and quiet to concentrate on your work or enjoy a full night of undisturbed sleep.



This wall clock has a beautiful pointer and Roma numbers are clear that can be seen from any angle and provide the most accurate time. It not only works as an amazing decorative wall clock in the living room, study room, kitchens, cafes but also can be a beautiful gift for your family or friends on birthdays, weddings, festivals, and Anniversaries. 


  • Measures: 10inch(25cm diameter), 12inch(30cm diameter), 14inch(35cm diameter)
  • Thickness: 4.5cm (1.77 Inch)
  • Material:  high definition glass cover, Stainless steel metal frame,plastic bottom 
  • movement: Taiwan Solar 12888 quartz movement, more quiet
  • 27 different Landmarks  


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