Sloth Kids Room Wall Clock

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Looking for a quick way to teach your kids how to tell time? Try this cute Sloth Wall Clock. It offers accurate timekeeping as well as a quiet working, studying, and sleeping environment. So you can relax and sleep in silence. This clock face is easy to read, with a short hour hand, a long minute hand, and a thin seconds hand. This clock's hands are well made, so they are sturdy and reliable. The hands are clearly visible which makes learning easier for children.


Your home decor will look chic and versatile with this wall clock. The classic round shape will enhance any room's decor whether it's your living room, bedroom, family room, meeting room, dining room, or office. This clock is the perfect gift for friends, partners, parents, siblings, co-workers and classmates. 


  • Wooden frame
  • Plexiglass face
  • Pre-installed backside hook
  • For indoor use
  • Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
  • Silent clock mechanism


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